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I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.  It was so refreshing to consider the concept of listening to understand rather than listening to respond.  I also was mesmerized by the conversation of tattoos being poetry of the soul worn on the outside!

Tom Patton

Missions Pastor

Oak Mountain PCA, Birmingham AL

This seminar was extremely insightful, challenging, and creative.  Chaplain attendees were mightily encouraged to think anew about how they serve the changing culture surrounding them. Everyone left the seminar thinking of fresh ways to touch people with the Gospel."


General Douglas E. Lee

MNA Chaplains, PCA, TE

I love Al Dayhoff! He gently pushes in front of us . . . we are radically ineffective in our evangelism. As Christians, we rarely get out of the studio into the wild, as Al puts it. When our paths do cross, we try listening to those yet to believe in Jesus, but most of us only are getting ready to reply, locking and loading to give the perfect answer, mentally organizing our presentations , rather than stopping, listening, hearing and connecting soul to soul. Wheather you dig the blues or not, Church in a Blues bar is a huge read for the Church.

Paul Hahn

Coordinator, Mission to North America.

Presbyterian Church in America

We are excited to announce the release of our second edition of the tattoo book, Tattoos: Telling the Secrets of the Soul.  Order your copy today!

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Our Residency Program

  • The residency is the core ministry of ET.

  • Part time and Full time

  • Evangelism case studies

  • Personalized coaching

  • Increased genuine relationships with people who do not claim to be Christians






Author, Allan Dayhoff, has a new book coming 

 called The Genius in Your Wound.

Evangelize Today has done extensive evangelism research.  With over 8000 recent evangelism encounters, we have discovered why non-Christians aren’t walking into our doors to explore a Christ-centered life.  Dayhoff takes a look at how Christians can be more effective in identifying and cultivating relationships that lead to spiritual conversations rather than expecting non-believers to just walk into our churches and be ready to hear about the gospel.  During each workshop, participants will learn how to set aside fears about evangelism and clearly see God’s divine appointments in everyday life.

What others are saying about ET . . .

We are all familiar with the idiom "to wear ones heart on ones sleeve."  God and Tattoos not only brings to light the feelings, experiences, and stories that are indelibly born in the bodies of many; but the author's reflections challenges all of us to pause long enough to look more than skin deep and into the often profound and personal motivations people harbor for tattooing their Bodies.


Mark Ryan, director of Francis Schafer Institute, and professor at Covenant Seminarty , St Louis.


EvangelizeToday is much like the Chaplaincy: taking the Gospel to people who would otherwise likely never set foot in a church building, and doing so by coming alongside persons relationally in THEIR element, not requiring they come to ours.  This is a most amazing ministry.

Gary Hitzfeld

PRCC Associate Director - Administration


The workshop began to reveal my blindness to my own hypocrisy. Now I am beginning with listening because people are made in the image of God and have something that needs to be heard. If I can learn to wait for and be invited into that space, then together we might discover where God is on the move.  


Andrew Conrad

Pastor, Spring Run Presbyterian Church

The Naked Truth seminar was absolutely fantastic and shed light on a path forward to ministering the gospel to a postmodern culture. In particular, the focus on listening to hear and the genius of our wound speaks to the very nature of how a postmodern culture processes information and learns; these two tools start where the postmodern begins, which is with the internal self.  If the gospel does not relate with the whole self, then our information becomes a red flag for an agenda and/or manipulation.

Tolivar Wills

St. Paul's Presbyterian, Atlanta

What others are saying about us . . .

The Naked Truth About Evangelism 

Discover Research Results From Over 8000 Recent Evangelism Encounters


Evangelism Training Conferences

All Inclusive Evangelism Training Conferences

Evangelize Today Residency Core Values

  • Shifting from Listening to “Reply” to Listening to “Hear.”

  • Guarding the dignity of the speaker and the receiver.

  • Progress not Perfection.

  • Asking the question, “Is church growth largely the result of church transfers?”

  • Meeting the Resident where “they are” not where we think “they should be.”

  • Research/ Introspection approach to sharing the Gospel.

  • Prayer by name for growth & breakthroughs in sharing faith.

  • Foster new residents and researchers.










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