Giving Levels

Level 1:  Donation

Choose your amount

Make a donation of any amount using the button on the right.

Level 2:  $15 x no. of books

"Buy a Book" Sponsor

Your donation of $15 dollars per book will provide our team with a book to give away.

Level 3:  $300

Named Book Sponsor

Each book that is given away will include a page of ads from our sponsors.  Your space will be 2x3 inches.  Artwork should be emailed to

Level 4:  $1500

Team Sponsor

Contribute to the support of a "Project Sturgis" team and receive a special edition of the new "Tattoos" book signed by the author and entire team.

Level 5:  $3500

Whole Booth Sponsor

Sponsor our booth costs and be included on our booth banner for the entire week. Note:  Deadline for this contribution is July 15 to allow time for the booth banner to be produced.

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