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Steven Cooper

Part-Time Resident, Two Years, Lead Pastor, Harbor City Church. San Diego, CA

I have been using a coach in my ministry and I’m convinced it’s a valuable way for me to 1) process big picture things that make me a better leader, 2) get input from outside of me and the church to care for myself and grow as a Christian and as a pastor. Last June I met Al and immediately connected on deep, personal things going on in my life. Al’s ability to listen was so powerful and encouraging. The more time I spent with him, the more time I wanted to spend with him.


So I joined to residency program to make time to spend intentional and consistent time with him. I have always had a heart for people and for listening and helping people to experience the goodness of God that comes through the gospel. Al’s approach shown through his evangelism training and the tattoo ministry and the “role of the confessor” convinced me that the residency would also help me grow in learning how to continually shape my sharing of Jesus so people could meet Him through me.