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A Mini-Workshop is held within 50 miles of the Washington DC area or during the weekdays of a scheduled workshop or ET Conference (or the same region of a scheduled workshop). These are typically 6-8 pm. The host chooses one of the five workshops.  The most popular choices are “Distance” and “Tattoo.”

Cost: $790.00


to schedule a Mini-Workshop

"Naked Truth about Evangelism" Workshop

Offered both onsite and online!  

  1. Distance:  ET explains the growing distance between the church and the world and how to close the ever-widening gap.

  2. Tattoos:  After 5000 tattoo interviews, ET discovered that tattoos broadcast peoples’ most important stories and are windows into the soul. How did we miss this?

  3. Evangelism:  After 8000 evangelism encounters, ET shares how to effectively reach non-Christians today. 

  4. Hear:  People listen until they know how they’ll respond. ET shares the importance of listening to hear the cry of the soul under another’s words.

  5. Parish:  Al Dayhoff set his love on a Blues Bar and God has birthed a church from that love. The 6 seasons highlight all of ET’s lessons in a single narrative.

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Evangelism Conference

Participants engage in a live evangelism encounter together.


This conference is usually

6-8pm on Friday and

9:30am to 4pm on Saturday


During the conference, ET guides people through seven introspection projects, one of which is a live phone call made by all.  Everyone interviews someone, asking five faith questions. The conference ends with a hand-written letter back to that person. Many write a letter of a lifetime and the church sometimes has select people read the letter in worship services on Sunday. From the forty ET conferences we have done, our take is that 85% make the phone call and write the letter.


A Good Faith Contract is available for the Evangelism Conference upon request by emailing Al Dayhoff here.

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