Listening to Hear

5 Week Small Group Study 



Our Mission

Evangelize Today teaches believers to share their faith in the Lord Jesus by listening to spiritual conversations and responding to divine appointments in everyday life.


Our Vision

Evangelize Today desires to link with key organizations that are looking to “reinvent” and “refresh” their approach to evangelism.


About the Small Group 5-Week Study


Evangelize Today is a unique approach to sharing the Christian faith. Often, evangelism seminars are theoretical, rather than active. Evangelize Today has developed this small group study as a practical way to ask faith questions and truly hear the responses.


Small Groups should meet each week for 45 min - 1 hour sessions for five weeks led by a facilitator. Each week follows a simple format.

  • Opening & Closing Prayer

  • 5 Sessons, taught by Executive Director, Allan Dayhoff, DMin, lay a biblical foundation and help provide guidance.

  • Weekly group discussions are encouraged

  • Weekly review of fieldwork on the 5 Question Interviews

  • When identifying people to interview, the goal is to “hear” the   responses, not "respond to them. “Listening to Hear” is a core value gained through this experience.

New & Improved Format

Easy to Use Group Leader/Facilitator Instructions in PDF Format

Reproducible Small Group Handouts in PDF Format, Fully Featured

Video Lessons for all 5 Weeks  


System Requirements 

Computer CD/DVD player, Adobe PDF 

Standard PDF Documents (Adobe Reader required)

Basic QuickTime Movie Player or Equilivant Movie Player


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