What is Tattoo StoryHunters?

Tattoo StoryHunters seek to engage the Tattoo community by asking the question, "Can you tell me about your tattoo?"  Both the interviewer and the person with the tattoo learn new information about what lies underneath the ink.

ET is committed to researching in all avenues of life and tattoos just keep showing up.  Here are a few ways that we gather on this topic.

Tattoo Research Night

A slide presentation around 40 minutes long that shows findings from 5000 tattoo interviews. It is followed by a Q+A and the book, “Tattoos:  Telling the Secrets of the Soul” will be available for purchase.

Tattoo Story Hunters Booth

Claiming a space to listen to the stories underneath tattoos and understanding what’s going on inside. Be available to read the outside. Tattoo Story Hunters might be found where a banner reads, “does your tattoo have a story?” at a table inside a festival, college campus, or tavern. At ET, we suspect the image of God has gotten so desperate to talk, It’s writing on its wrapper in permanent ink.


See Tattoostoryhunters on Facebook or Tattoostoryhunters.com.


Whole Tattoo Storyhunter Weekends available.  Al, or one of the ET Residents, will train your team and bring a booth.

Interested?  Contact Al here!

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