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I, and my Church Leaders, hosted and attended an Evangelize Today Seminar and Workshop. The core gospel is there. What Dr. Dayhoff does, like a skilled travel guide, is to take us on a journey of rediscovery of a too familiar territory. What is old, in Al’s telling, becomes new again. And what we hear as “new” is actually quite old, so old we forget we knew it: That GOD not only loves the people he has made, he sort of like them. And when GOD invites us to join HIM in his affection for people and to follow the path of affection into respectful listening and truth telling. Al like the HOLY SPIRIT, catalyzes affection and respect for people.


This Seminar is a special gift!


Rev. Tory Baucum, Senior Pastor
Truro Anglican Church
10520 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030

"The Evangelize Today “ seminar was really a first step and a wonderful way for us to be enthusiastic [about evangelism] and have very positive experiences… I hope that you and your church would consider being involved in this [seminar] you will be blessed.”
We were looking for something that would really develop the average believer in Jesus Christ to be able to share their faith and have conversations that would develop with in their network of friendships… the Evangelize Today Seminar really fits that particular model very, very, well.
Dr. Herb Ruby, Senior Pastor of Covenant of Grace Church in Reisterstown, MD talks about the benefits of the Evangelize Today Seminar; how he prepared to host the seminar and why he decided to host the seminar. Feel free to give Herb a call to discuss why you should host an Evangelize Today Seminar.
"I attended the ET seminar in St.. Louis, Missouri. In the past while evangelizing, I found  myself wanting to “convert” them to how I believed, seeking to “win” the argument. The ET seminar reminded me that the image of God is imprinted on every human being and that  every conversation can be a spiritual conversation. Al told us that we should walk through  life with the curiosity of having a “divine appointment” and just be available to share our lives with others. This was liberating to me and a good reminder to let God lead us instead  of attempting to carry this responsibility on our own.
I ended up calling my mother and was humbled by her responses. It also allowed me to better understand what she truly believes and what she does not yet understand. Having to write a letter later to her helped me organize my thoughts about what I wanted to say to her as well as being a special moment to thank her for speaking  with me. This seminar will  give you the confidence and courage to let God use you in His divine appointments.                        

Following on from your class presentation Tuesday, our Thursday discussion ran long and deep. We had so much to talk about in light of your presentation that we never actually got past talking 'outposts' and on to our scheduled topic. Thank you again for being with us and for sharing with us your vital work that you are engaged in. I believe the entire class greatly benefitted from your time with us. 


Mark P. Ryan

Director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute

Adjunct Professor of Religion and Culture

Covenant Theological Seminary 

We all sense that "things have changed" all around us, but few people can walk you into that change and help you feel and understand it the way Al Dayhoff does. His moving stories combined with pithy insights are backed up by his personal credibility. He is living this world! And he knows how to draw you into it. I highly recommend his presentation for helping you see the need and the urgency of our moment, but also feel the hope that this affords as well.

Frank Boswell, Senior Pastor

 "The ET seminar in New Bern, NC was amazing. It was thrapeutic for me personally as I had to come to grips with my  past fears and failures, so that I could minister to others with empathy. In other  words, I learned to listen with my heart!"


 -Daimon King

"It’s a joy to say that ET was extremely effective for ME because of its persuasive combination of love for the person and a  summons to act. Too often it’s one or the other, a drilling of evangelistic bombs or a persuasion to genuinely love someone without much directive to actually do something about it. ET has been integral in my own ‘birthing’ of being evangelistic, something I’ve prayed about for maybe 7 years and am finally doing something about it more regularly.

                                                                           - Jeff


I want to thank you for the most fruitful seminar you presented at Truro. Wow! So helpful and meaningful. I’ve always admired people who could so easily share their faith and lead others to the faith, but never felt equipped to do so myself.  I’m not shy about discipling or even taking on demons in healing prayer, but evangelizing has had me stymied and you broke that mold for me. You have made this work of sharing the gospel simple and relational in a way that is comfortable and loving and now I believe I can do it.   Thank you.  Blessings!  Christina

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